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Solvent buffer management

If there is a risk of a system to run out of solvent during a running and unattended process it is reasonable to install a buffer which is bypassing short term an empty solvent container. This may be the case if:

  • a system does have long cycle times

  • a system is run in open access mode

  • a system is consuming larger volumes of solvent per time unit such as a preparative HPLC system.

The buffer control unit SWM-500

The SWM-500 Solvent and Waste Monitor can be configured as a control unit for the continuous solvent supply without interrupt for up to 8 eluents.

For each solvent line there are installed two vessels: a reservoir and a buffer container. A pump is transferring the solvent from the reservoir to the buffer container. The buffer volume is configured on the control unit. If a reservoir runs out of solvent, an alarm is triggered, however the solvent feed continues out of the buffer. The empty reservoir then has to be replaced by a full one in a reaonable time period.

The system is working with a contiuous float measurement. The level of the reservoirs as well as of the buffers is displayed on the touch panel of the control unit.


The integrated buffer system SBS-400

For safety reasons large volumes (>2L) of organic solvent may not be allowed to be stored in the lab.

The SBS-400 Solvent Buffer System is a mobile and compact system with integrated pneumatic pumps and valves. It has 4 tanks of 10L volume each. The constantly hold volume of a tank can be configured e.g. to be 2L.

It has the same control unit as the SWM-500 beeing entirely configurable by the user.

The system can also be confiugred in that way that one buffer tank is working as a waste container: the solvent then is pumped in the reverse direction.

The resrvoir barrels as well as the waste container of the SBS-400 can be installed in a CO2 secured room or in a safety cupboard, respectively.

The SBS-400 has a compact design and fits to the sub-construction of a hood or a laboratory bench as well; dimensions: 60 x 65 x 65 cm, w x h x d.

Documents:   PDF-DokumentProspSBS400de.pdf


Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
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Automated buffer resrvoir management:
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