Solvent supply and monitoring as well as solvent evaporation


HPLConsult is offering innovative solutions for solvent supply and solvent level monitoring as well as for the evaporation of the solvent:

  • Compact intermediate storage system to buffer solvents in the lab for prep. LC .
  • Blow-down system for the fully automated evaporation of samples.
  • Intelligent power switching module for level controlled shut down of lab equipment such as pumps.
  • Mobile and overflow safe platforms with drainange system and with hood.
  • Integrated systems for central waste collection in the analytics lab with a mobile waste container and level control.
  • Engineering for customer specific solutions in the chemistry lab.


Contact-free level monitoring of eluents in the analytics lab




We repair static Flow-splitters such as of LCPackings

We refurbish valve stators such as of VICI and Rheodyne