blowdown evaporator

Benefits of the VAPORNADO Plus blow down evaporator:

  • Fast evaporation of apolar and polar solvents such as water

  • Gentle evaporation technique in a nitrogen atmosphere at 25°C – 40°C

  • Evaporation of samples which are susceptible to oxidation

  • Partial evaporation down to a specified level

  • No bumping (absence of a vacuum) and no cross contamination

  • Closed cirquit: the VAPORNADO Plus does not need to be installed in a hood

  • Low N2 consumption: N2 is only needed for purging at the start of the process

  • Powerful condensator with a defrosting feature

  • Recovering of the energy grace of en integrated heat exchanger

  • 100% of the solvent vapors are condensed and collected in a flask

  • Easy to operate and to configurate via a touch screen

  • Reproducible methods

  • Supports any type of vessels h < 170mm with a volume of up to 100ml and more

  • Blowdown heads are easy to exchange for any rack type

  • Flexible rack system with inserts adjustable in height and with intermediate shelfs

  • Transparent sample room allows an easy viewing of samples and tubes during evaporation

  • Accurate pyrometric control of the temperature of the liquid as well as of the gas

  • Precise control of the inert gas flow

  • Standby function when the process has finished

  • Fully automated process (e.g. over night)

  • Mobile on a trolley


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Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
NEW: With blowdown inserts easy to exchange