blowdown evaporator

Scheme of the VAPORNADO Plus system

     1  Sample vial

     2  Blowing tube

     3  Sucking tube

     4  Circulation pump

     5  Heater

     6  Level mesurement

     7  Rack mount

     8  Sample chamber

     9  Touch panel

    10  Condenser

    11  Condensate

    12  Cooling medium

The energy to evaporate the solvent of the sample is supplied via the heated gas (N2) current. The temperature of the liquid as well as of the gas is measured by means of the pyrometer 6. The level of the liquid then is deduced from the temperature gradient.


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Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
NEW: With blowdown heads easy to exchange


Automated buffer resrvoir management:
All liquid levels at a glance