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The company HPLConsult GmbH was founded in 2002. As the company name was suggesting, purification of compounds by liquid chromatography was a main pillar of our business at that time. The fully automated fractionation of samples based on the parallel UV, ELS and MS detection is a challenging task to do. Scientists working in the lab however do not like to engage deeply into the technical features of this complex technique. They just intend to get their compounds purified as fast as possible in order to continue with the spectroscopic analysis for structure confirmation. HPLConsult GmbH supported its customers installing and programming (CDS Chromeleon 6.8) preparative HPLC systems. For the automated high throughput purification sophisticated programs were developped for the chromatography on normal phase as well as on reversed phase.

The purification technique by liquid chromatography is working with organic solvents. Since there was no adequate equipment available for the reliable monitoring of solvents in combination with preparative HPLC we started to develop instruments and equipment for the safe handling and monitoring of organic solvents. Today this is the main focus of our business and further development.

For the gentle evaporation of fractions coming from the chromatographic high throughput purification of peptide libraries which are susceptible to oxidation as well as to elevated temperatures we developped a nitrogen blowdown evaporator. In order to save resources and money this machine is recycling the nitrogen gas as well as the energy within its closed ciquit. In addition it protects the environment by retaining 100% of the solvent.

The company is located in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Here we are producing our instruments and organizing our services for our national and international customers in analytical laboratories as well as in the chemical industry.

HPLConsult GmbH
Beinwilerstrasse 2
4053 Basel
Tel. 061 413 80 42


Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
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