About us

The company HPLConsult GmbH was founded in 2002 by Thomas Maetzke, a chemist. As the company name still suggests, the original business field was the preparative HPLC: consulting, set-up and programming (CDS Chromeleon 6.8) of preparative HPLC systems for the fully automated chromatographic purification of synthesis products, mostly coming from substance libraries on reversed phase as well as on normal phase.

In addition to this field of activity as well as to customised special designs, the company has specialised in the construction of laboratory equipment for level monitoring (LISA product family) and automated solvent supply (buffer systems) as well as for the concentration of samples and fractions (VAPONADO nitrogen blowdown evaporator). The manufacture of simple mechanical components as well as the final assembly of the devices is carried out in the company's own workshop. HPLConsult GmbH is working together with long-standing suppliers for the production of CNC manufactured parts, the development of electronic components as well as the software development.

HPLConsult GmbH is based in the Basel-Landschaft region and services its national and international customers in analytical laboratories and the chemical industry from here.


Open position

To ensure the availability and the support of HPLConsult GmbH's products, we are looking for a specialist with a scientific and technical background to support our business activities and on a long-term perspective possibly for taking over the LISA product line for level monitoring or the VAPONADO nitrogen blowdown evaporator or both.


Parallel evaporation with the


blowdown evaporator:

  • Interchangeable inserts for any rack format
  • Automated nitrogen control
  • fraction size up to 80ml
  • Partial evaporation possible