blowdown evaporator

Automated evaporation at standard pressure

The VAPONADO® nitrogen blowdown evaporator provides an automated and powerful technique for the gentle concentration or complete evaporation, respectively, of samples and fractions. The blowdown technique having its specific benefits is used to remove solvents such as water, acetonitrile or heptane.


Economic N2 consumtion
In contrast to conventional blowdown techniques, the VAPONADO® circulates the inert gas in a closed ciquit which minimises nitrogen consumption. The preset N2 content is automatically regulated and kept constant.

Interchangeable, rack-specific blowdown inserts
Easily and quickly interchangeable blowdown inserts for any rack format. The flexible rack system of the VAPONADO is supporting any tube size.

Reproducible blowdown methods:
All parameters of a blowdown procedure such as temperature, gasflow and inblow distance are saved in individual time- or level controlled methods.


100% of the evaporated liquid is condensed and collected.

Efficient due to a optimum blowing distance:
The optimal evaporation performance is achieved by holding constant the blowing distance of the blowtubes to the sinking liquid surface.

Partial evaporation:
The system can be programmed to stop at a given solvent level.

Touch screen display:
Real-time run display showing the actual parameters such as solvent temperature, gas temperature, gas flow rate and liquid level.

No cross conatmination:
Parallel evaporation of samples and fractions without cross contamination due to an individual exhaustion of each tube.

Scalable system:
To the powerful condenser with integrated heat exchanger up to 2 blowdown units can be connected.

Combinable with other techniques:
Blowing down of the volatile portion of the samples such as e.g. acetonitrile may be done prior to lyophilisation.

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Parallel evaporation with the


blowdown evaporator:

  • Interchangeable inserts for any rack format
  • Automated nitrogen control
  • fraction size up to 80ml
  • Partial evaporation possible