Blowdown evaporator

Nitgogen blowdown evaporation and condensation in a closed cicuit

The Vapornado® Plus nitrogen blowdown evaporator provides an automated and powerful technique for the gentle concentration or complete evaporation of samples and fractions. The blowdown technique having its specific benefits is employed to remove organic solvents such as methanol, acetonitrile and heptane.

NEW: With blowdown heads easy to exchange for any rack type and any vessel format.

Reproducible blowdown methods:
All parameters of a blowdown procedure such as temperature, gasflow and inblow distance are stored in individual time- or level controlled methods.

Economic N2 consumtion
Nitrogen is only used for purging of the closed ciquit of the system at the start of the process.

Environmentally friendly:
The solvent vapors are condensed and 100% of the solvent is retained.

Optimal inblow distance:
The optimal evaporation performance is achieved holding constant the inblow distance of the blowtubes to the liquid surface.

Partial evaporation:
The system can be programmed to stop at a given solvent level.

Touch screen display:
Real-time run display showing the actual solvent temperature, gas temperature, gas flow rate and liquid level

Parallel evaporation:
Parallel evaporation of samples and fractions without cross contamination.

Scalable system:
To the powerful condenser with integrated heat exchanger up to 2 blowdown units can be connected.

Combinable with other tehniques:
Blowing down of the volatile contents of samples such as acetonitrile may be done prior to lyophilisation.


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Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
NEW: With blowdown inserts easy to exchange