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Solvent level monitoring in the lab

Our philosophy: As simple as possible but as concise as possible.

Solvent monitor SM-411

With the Solvent Monitor SM-411 the solvent level of up to 4 eluents as well as of 1 waste conainer can be monitored.

The SM-411 supports passive (e.g. float magnetic switch) as well as active level detectors such as capacitive sensors (see figure). The contacless level measurement is very versatile for highly pure eluents for the analytical HPLC or UHPLC, repsectively.





Display following the traffic light principle:

The traffic light principle reflects our philosophy of level monitoring: As simple as possible but as concise as possible. The status of each level detector is represented by a dedicated LED on the instrument. The warning colour yellow has a special meaning in this context: You can plan your workflow, no action is needed immediately in order to prevent a critical level of a solvent.

  • green:    Level is ok
  • yellow:   Eluents:  Warning: level < ¼
                  Waste:    Warming level > ¾

  • red:        Eluents:  Minimum level has been reached --> Alarm
                  Waste:    Maximum level has been reached --> Alarm

Shluld it nevertheless happen that a critical solvent level is reached, an acustic signal then is triggered.



LISA with remote level monitoring via the internet:

The LISA (LIquid SAfety) app allows you to access the status of all your systems of your lab area via the internet. Each system is represented by two LED’s for the eluents and the waste as well as its name. The color of the LED’s is follwing the traffic light principle (green, yellow, red).
Regarding the status of the solvent level of your systems this app allows you to be up to date at any time at any place.






The SM-411 supports up to 4 active or passive minimum level sensors (eluents) as well as one active or passive maximum level sensor (waste).
At the signal output (DB9) on the backside of the instrument the digital signals "Eluent Warning" (yellow) and "Eluent Empty" (red) as well as "Waste Warning" (yellow) and "Waste Full" (red) are available.
Each digital signal may be configured as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), respectively. The digital signals are contact closures free of potential. They may be used as an input for a chromatography data system (CDS) or as an input for the power switch PSM-420 of HPLConsult.
The acustic Alarm can be configured to be active or silent as well.


Documents:  PDF-DokumentFlyerSM411ePDF-DokumentProspSM411e

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