Container system for solvent drums

With the container system of HPLConsult GmbH heavy weights, e.g. full 30-litre drums, no longer need to be lifted for displacement. The drums are remaining in a drip tray, which would collect the entire content of a 30 litre drum. The stainless steel tray ensures that the 30-litre drum is always grounded.

At the parking station, for example in an asecos safety cabinet, the tray with the 30-litre drum is unlatched and pushed onto the trolley, where it latches in again. This enables the easy and safe displacement of heavy 30-litre drums.

Mobile tank system

The mobile tank system with rolling magnet display and a volume of up to 80 litres is suitable for the central collection of the waste solvent, such e.g. from the Waste Solvent Net of HPLConsult GmbH or of from preparative HPLC systems, respectively. The tank system with retractable handrail fits easily into laboratory substructures. The tank has a G2" female thread connection so that standard screw caps or adapters for drums can be used. The volume (height) can be customised.

Centralised waste collection

The Waste Solvent Net is a drainage system with level monitoring for laboratory benches in analytical laboratories. It is particularly suitable for the centralised collection of the waste solvent when operating several HPLC systems beeing situated on a bench.

No more tangled tubes hanging from your lab benches:

On top of the table level:
The collection points each having 8 UNF 1/4"-28 threaded female connections for flangless fittings for 1/16" or 1/8" tubing as well as two 12mm inlets, which allow the connection (press fit) of a 12mm PTFE tubing system which is lying on top of the table level, i.e. without bagging. This e.g. allows the condensation water from the HPLC modules to drain off at the table level to the collection points. All other tubing dimensions are fed into the 12 mm PTFE (ID = 10 mm) tubing system in which the drainage behaviour is perfect, although it is lying horizontally (without bagging) on top of the table level. The collection points, which can optionally be connected to the exhaust air, are in two parts, which makes it easier to connect the tubing if access behind the equipment is difficult.

Below the table level:
Below the table level, the collection points are connected via a 12 mm PTFE pipe system to a central, mobile waste container with fill level monitoring, e.g. the mobile tank system with rolling magnetic display of HPLConsult GmbH. This is located in a ventilated underbench unit with a buffer vessel. The continuously flowing waste solvent is retained in the buffer vessel during the the waste container is beeing emptied until the stopcock, which is monitored by a timer of the SM-411wsn, is opened again.

Installation: The Waste Solvent Net can be installed on any standard laboratory bench.


Documents:   ProspWSNde.pdf


Parallel evaporation with the


blowdown evaporator:

  • Interchangeable inserts for any rack format
  • Automated nitrogen control
  • fraction size up to 80ml
  • Partial evaporation possible