Centralized waste collection in the analytics lab

The Waste Solvent Net is a drainage system for the analytics lab which is connected ot a central waste container with level detection. Thus all analytical HPLC systems which are arranged on a bench may be connected to a central waste container with a sensor detection of contents level.
So called collecting points are connected to the drainage system wich is installed underneath the rear side of the desk top and which is leading to the central waste container. The waste container is mounted in a retention pound on a trolley which is arranged in a ventilated cabinet. When the waste container is emptied the waste solvent is temporarily collected in a monitored buffer containment in order that your analysis needs not to be interrupted during this period.
With the Waste Solvent Net no waste tubes are hanging down any more in front of your bench.
Installation of the Waste Solvent Net: The drainage system may be installed on any standard bench (such e.g. of Waldner and Renggli).



Mobile waste container with roll magnet show

Running preparative LC systems larger amounts of waste solvent are produced per time unit. For the purpose of a simple, safe and efficient handling of the waste solvent we have developed a mobile cubic waste container with magnetic level display at the front side of the vessel. The mobile waste container is designed in a compact format in order to fit underneath a bench of the LC system. The vessels have standard G2” screw tops in order that standard connectors may be used.








Mobile laboratory bench with drainage system


The System Platform (200 x 90 x 101cm w x d x h) of HPLConsult is a mobile laboratory bench with two overflow safe levels made of polypropylene (PP). The benches are equipped with draining grooves which are connected to a drainage system at the rear side of the bench. The drainage is connected to the waste container in a ventilated base frame cupboard. If the waste level is monitored by a Solvent Monitor such as e.g. the SM-410 of HPLConsult a solvent spillage on the System platform is prevented reliably.
There is an optional fume hood available to cover a fraction collector of a preparative HPLC system.
For more complex systems an elongation of 30cm may be connected at both sides of the system platform.

Documents:  PDF-DokumentSysPlat_e.pdf

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Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
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