Supplying, monitoring and evaporating solvents

The LISA (LIquid SAfety) products of HPLConsult GmbH to monitor solvent levels are helping you to prevent solvent spillages as well as empty solvent reservoirs:

  • Contactless level measurement for solvent bottles of analytical HPLC and UHPLC systems

  • Level monitoring for reservoir- and waste containers

  • Remote display of the solvent level status via internet

  • Safety power shutdown in combination with solvent level monitoring

  • Automated solvent feed with buffer reservoir

The VAPORNADO Plus nitrogen blowdon evaporator allows the parallel and gentle evaporation of samples of up to 200ml.

  • NEW: with a blowdown insert easy to exchange for any rack type

The solvent logistics systems by HPLConsult GmbH facilitate a smart and safe handling of organic solvents in the lab:

  • Drainage system with a central waste container with level monitor for the analytics lab

  • Mobile stainless steel container with roll magnet display

  • Logistics system with trolley for 30L barrels in a retention pond: no lifting of heavy weights any more

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Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
NEW: With blowdown inserts easy to exchange