LIquid SAfety

Sensors and adaptors

We are offering various active and passive sensor systems based on different physical principles:

  • Capacitive sensors for the contactless measurement of the filling level

  • Magnetic float switches with integrated advance warning level

  • Magnetostrictive level sensors

For the standard containers and bottles in the lab we are offering adaptors with the corresponding threads.

All our level sensors are compatible with the trafic light principle.


Contactless level monitoring for the analytic HPLC and UHPLC

The new bracket of HPLConsult for solvent bottles simplifies the contactless level monitoring:

  • Contactless monitoring system for ultrapure eluents for the ultrasensitive HPLC and UHPLC

  • Distinct height adjustment of the minimum- as well as of the warning liquid level

  • Distinct adjustment to the diameter of the bottle (d = 100 – 190mm)

  • Easy and quick exchange of solvent bottles


Level monitoring for barrels

For the level monitoring in solvent barrels with the standard G2” thread we are offering magnetic float switches with advance warning level. They are compatible with our traffic light principle.

The branch connections come off the G2” adaptor horizontally in case of limited space in height.

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Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
NEW: With blowdown inserts easy to exchange