LIquid SAfety

Sensors and adaptors

Suitable two-stage measuring devices are available to measure the fill level in bottles and drums:

  • Two-stage capacitive sensor system for the contactless fill level measurement in bottles

  • Two-stage magnetic float switches for drums

  • Suitable adapters for the common solvent containers in laboratories.

All level sensors support the traffic light principle.

Contactless level monitoring for the analytic HPLC and UHPLC

The bottle holder with disc and bracket for the sensor system enables the contactless level monitoring in bottles:

  • Media-separated sensor system for highly pure eluents for HPLC or UHPLC with highly sensitive measuring methods (MS).

  • Individual height adjustment of the minimum as well as the pre-warning level

  • holder is adaptable to the bottle diameter (d = 100 - 190mm)

  • quick replacement of empty bottles with full ones

Level monitoring for barrels

Two-stage magnetic float switch (traffic light principle) on a G2’ adapter with rotatable inner part with vertical or horizontal media connections. The latter allows the easy connection of tubes and cables on top of 30 litre drums even if space is limited, e.g. in a safety cabinet.


Parallel evaporation with the


blowdown evaporator:

  • Interchangeable inserts for any rack format
  • Automated nitrogen control
  • fraction size up to 80ml
  • Partial evaporation possible