Programming of Chromeleon 6.8

HPLConsult still offers the programming of the Chromatographic Data System (CDS) Chromeleon 6.8 at a high level for sophisticated preparative and analytical HPLC applications as well as for the automated liquid handling.

All features of the software platform are applied for the design of pgm files and panels such as:

  • Generic drivers

  • triggers

  • IF-conditions

  • branching

  • fraction collection based on multiple detection channels virtual channels as well

  • user defined columns (UDC)

  • post acqusition steps

The powerful features of Chromeleon 6.8 are allowing us to design highly custom-tailored 1D as well as 2D HPLC and UHPLC applications in the chemistry-, biochemistry- and analytics lab.

Notice: SR16 was the final release of the software platform Chromeleon 6.8. As of July 2018 no further updates will be available, please take notice of the last release notes.

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