Repair of lab equipment

We are offering a prompt repair service for laboratory equipment (rotary evaporators, magnetic stirrers, shakers). Please feel free to contact us having a check and an offer made for your device.
We are working together with professional partners. If necessary we can manufacture small parts (turned and milled parts) or repair an electronic system.

Manufacture, modifiaction and repair of flow splitters

We are repairing your flow splitter at a fraction of the original price.


We modify and validate the split ratio of your flow splitter.
We are making custom-made flow splitters with one or more channels and with specific split ratios at a specific primary flow rate. 

Stators for high pressure valves

We are refurbishing stainless steel stators of Rheodyne and VICI at a fraction of the original price to be as good as new.


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Parallel evaporation with the 

blowdown evaporator:
NEW: With blowdown inserts easy to exchange